New Year’s resolutions

The new year is a time of resolutions. The famous slogan “New Year, new me” accompanies many people at that time.

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When planning New Year’s resolutions, it is worth asking yourself 2 basic questions:

  • Do I have New Year’s resolutions?

The beginning of the year is such a specific date when we decide that now it will only get better, we will use the time and achieve all goals. We will learn the language, we will take courses, we will eat healthily, we will play sports and much more, the list is endless.

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Why are so many people failing to meet the New Year’s resolutions? Often the reason is that there is still a lot of time until the end of the year.

  • “It’s only January I have 11 months …”

Do you know it? Do such thoughts appear in your head too?

It is also noticeable in many companies where November-December is associated with such a hot period when you have to close the year and suddenly everyone remembers that you have to get a grip and start achieving your goals.

The 12 week year

Does it have to be like that? Well no! The 12-week-year system comes to our aid. You might think 12 weeks is a quarter. A quarter is too general a statement that means that we will continue to put things off because there is so much time left. We have to realize that we only have 12 weeks, of which we have to use every week, every day, every hour to achieve the goal or get closer to it.

Is it hard for you to imagine? Brian Moran and Michael Lennington’s book The “12 Week Year” describes the 5 approaches related to the 12 Week Year.

  1. Vision — An attractive vision provides a clear picture of the future. It is very important that the vision of professional matters is adjusted to general life plans and enables their implementation.

How to start?

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It all starts with a vision of what we want to achieve, the vision is also a kind of motivator to act. We need to set goals.

What is the goal? I want to lose weight — this is not the goal — I want to lose 5 kg this is the goal. I want to be rich? What does it mean to be rich? — I want to earn 10,000, that’s my goal. Want to learn a foreign language? To what extent? I want to learn a foreign language at A1 level. Goals must be specific and measurable. Mateusz Grzesiak, a well-known Polish psychologist, said that a target is something we can put in the car. 5kg, 10,000 PLN, a certificate or a test showing the language level I am able to put into the car. This is what makes the goal measurable.

The next step is to plan the days, taking into account trips, meetings or time for yourself so as to make the most of the remaining time, which will bring us closer to success. After each day in the evening, we devote 10–15 minutes to summarizing the day, making statistics and drawing conclusions. Whether the planned activities were reflected in reality, we also write down possible blockers to take into account the next time what may limit us and how to change plans to eliminate blockers. On Sunday at the end of the week, we make corrections to the plan for the next week, taking into account the statistics we took into account in measuring our achievements. And to work!

Let’s do it!

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The 12-week year requires us to be flexible — by correcting plans, but also a lot of involvement in the very process of planning, correction and responsibility in the implementation of activities.

Our dedication to this process will undoubtedly make us highly motivated to act, bring us closer to achieving goals by responsible implementation of tasks, and it will also give us great satisfaction and increase self-confidence when we finally achieve the goal.

So what? Let’s do it!

Professionally Software Tester. Active toastmaster and coordinator at the IT Speakers Toastmasters club.

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