Communication is a valued feature regardless of the specifics of the project, industry or position. Well-developed team communication can quickly fix and solve any problems that arise.

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We are subconsciously afraid to talk about our problems in the team because we are afraid that we will be judged. The stereotype that we associate feedback with something negative has been lost. In the end, each of us got feedback after an unsuccessful job interview. Usually, when we do not get into the position of our dreams, we can count on feedback, which is usually not positive. If we get a job, it’s implicitly positive and that ends there. The ability to receive and give feedback is another skill that is worth developing, so that feedback does not have to be subconsciously associated by anyone.

By definition, feedback is feedback that is to show us areas in which we are good and can only become better, and areas on which we should work. Both features lead to personal development and thus to the development of the project in which we work. Let’s not allow the feedback to be negative. This is one of the factors behind communication problems.

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Fear of negative evaluations of others keeps us silent. Are we really so often judged for the lack of knowledge, not the ability to cope with a task or simply the lack of time to complete it? Let’s think…

→ How many times has someone judged you for saying aloud that you were not coping with a problem?

→ How many times, speaking out loud about your problem, have you quickly obtained solutions?

The answer is obvious.

Problems related to lack of technical knowledge, lack of time, or the inability to do part of a task should be clearly communicated. For sure there will be at least one person in the team who has dealt with it before and can fix it quickly. Thus, we save a lot of time on ineffective search for answers and solutions. If we have a problem with lack of time, there will be someone who has more time and can help us. Thanks to that, the project and its timeliness will not suffer.

Stack Overflow which is so often used by programmers, testers and other technical people, works on the same principle. Thanks to the fact that we communicate our technical problem in writing, a person who knows its solution will quickly be found.

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The broken glass theory originated as one of the concepts developed by George Kelling and Catherine Coles in the field of criminology. A study has been carried out on the rise in crime and breaking the law in certain neighborhoods. It turned out that in neighborhoods where there was noise, the walls were covered with graphite and broken windows, the tendency to break the law was much greater than in districts where crime-related problems were immediately publicized and solved. In clean, quiet neighborhoods, people are much more careful against breaking the law. Due to the fact that the windows were installed immediately, the graphite was cleaned and the noise was muffled, a decrease in crime was noted and the fact that no major problems appeared.

The broken glass is a metaphor for our individual problems. If one pane is broken, this will allow more broken glass and problems to build up. If we communicate it early enough, it will also be fixed quickly.

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None of our design and other problems will not be solved if we don’t talk about them properly. How is the band going to know we need help if we never talk about it? Unresolved situations, technical problems or lack of knowledge will sooner or later come to light before the upcoming project deadline. Problems like to pile up as the broken window theory says. Appropriate and fast communication will allow us to work in much more comfortable conditions, because it will save us a lot of stress and time spent in vain looking for solutions ourselves. While developing your soft skills, don’t forget about the art of communication and valuable feedback. Proper communication and feedback will always be positively received. It will bring us many personal advantages as well as much more effective team and project work without the accumulation of unexplained situations.

Professionally Software Tester. Active toastmaster and coordinator at the IT Speakers Toastmasters club.

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