The new year is a time of resolutions. The famous slogan “New Year, new me” accompanies many people at that time.

When planning New Year’s resolutions, it is worth asking yourself 2 basic questions:

  • Do I have New Year’s resolutions?
  • Last year, did I manage to implement them at least…

Communication is a valued feature regardless of the specifics of the project, industry or position. Well-developed team communication can quickly fix and solve any problems that arise.

Why are we afraid to talk about our problems?

We are subconsciously afraid to talk about our problems in the team because we are afraid that we will be judged. The stereotype…

What are dev tools?

Dev Tools is a free tool built into the browser. It’s very popular in the developers world, but testers can also benefit from it. Facilitating the work of yourself and the creator, e.g. by detailed bug reporting with the help of information found in developer tools.

How do I start the dev tools?

There is nothing easier…

Who is a Software Tester?

Software Tester is a profession in the IT industry about which until recently there were legends about how easy it is to get to the fabulous IT area. I think this stereotype is slowly fading away. The more that the testers are subject to higher and higher requirements. …

Aneta Waligóra

Professionally Software Tester. Active toastmaster and coordinator at the IT Speakers Toastmasters club.

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